Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Journey begins...

Yesterday (8/3/09) me and Izzie signed up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene! I have had a goal of completing an Ironman and am VERY excited that in less than 1 year I will have to opportunity to try!

I am eager to start training. This is going to take some real commitment in training, something I have not done since college swimming. I am grateful that Nathan is supportive of my endeavour and commitment! I plan on actually reading some of the tri books I have and developing a smart training regime, so I will not be over-trained in 1 year.

Izzie is a talented athlete. I have always enjoyed training with her as we have a good balance of work, fun, and neither of us take ourselves/our training too seriously. I am very grateful to not do it alone! This will be her FIRST triathlon… I know, shes hardcore.

I am going to use this primarily as a training log of miles, times, moods, experiences, etc. I want to be able to monitor the numbers and my psychological experiences during different parts of the season. I am doubtful that this will be read for entertainment, and I don’t blame you!


6:30am - LVTC Hot Running Moms (that is what I’m going to call them - HRM)

This was my first run with this group. I coach a lot of their children in the summer rec team at LVTC. They joked and asked, “what are you like 18?” I think its going to be a great group to train with! :)

total: 4 miles at 8:50 pace

Thrilled at that pace seeing its my first “real” run since the Big Kahuna (9/07). In 2008 my TOTAL mileage was (no joke) under 15 miles. So, needless to say, I’m out of shape.

I need to get my new shoes, me knees/feet hurt - hopefully theyll come ito REI today!

11:30am - Tri Valley Masters

Oh boy am I out of shape! The summer with minimal swimming, today was pretty pathetic. Can't wait til I can feel/hold the water.

total: 4,000 yds

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