Wednesday, August 19, 2009

still not training...

Very excited to see Izzie at TVM practice on Tuesday. We talked with Karin, a former USC swimmer, Olympic team, and pro-triathlete. She and her fiance have volunteered to help us out, give us some mentoring/wisdom, and some training help! HOW AWESOME to feel like we know people who know something! HA! We talked about starting our training after Labor Day; which is good, because the past 2 days at TVM have been painful! Getting back in shape sucks ;) Won't be able to swim the rest of the week b/c I coach the 5am and 11:30am practices on Thursday, and then we're out to Kirkwood for the weekend with the Andersons!

Tuesday TVM 11:30am

total: 3100 yds

Wednesday TVM 11:30am

total: 4200 yds

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