Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Epic Weekend Recap

Between reading blogs and seeing Facebook postings.... it seemed that everyone had quite an EPIC weekend! So cool that people tore it up this weekend, and enjoyed themselves. :)

Friday - I did not run. But me, Tank, neighbor Kristi, and her dog (great dane & Tanks bff) Titan did go on a 6+ mile walk. My foot did hurt, but at least I put in some sort of "miles." I coached TVM masters at 11:30am, and was glad I did not have to swim the distance workout that I gave.... BA HA HA! Suckers. And then I met: Alexia and Ernest (IM CDA'rs) and 2 other FMRC guys to swim 2.5mi (if you stopped at 2.4mi you would be treading water). Originally I was going to hang with Alexia and Ernest for safety but there was another "faster" guy so we were able to split up into a group of 2 and 3, and regrouped at each of the points. We had to do this triangle loop twice. I have never done it, I don't like swimming in Shadowcliffs (its kindof gross), and I am not that hardcore of a triathlete (or open water swimmer) to train open water year round (heck, usually I just show up to open water races and look for the line on the bottom of the lake). It was good, I don't know what my time was....I was wearing a watch, but between stopping, playing around a bit, and adding on a bit more I can't even guess. We were out of there in a little over 1hr 30mins total...which I think was good enough "training" for Ernest and Alexia.

Saturday - Our EPIC 112 ride + 6 run. Weather forecasted to be a great day (the warmest we've yet to really have). We had a roll time at 6am. The plan was 2 loops of 55 miles. Stop at the cars half way (special needs is what we called it). I was ready and pumped. Until I realized I was not going to be able to track anything all day! I got new wheels recently and my bike computer sensor won't fit on the circular spoke. So, I've been wearing my garmin for biking and running. I had my garmin for Saturday, and when I turned it on the battery was low....it stayed on for literally 2 mins and died! CRAP! Oh, the complications you might face come IM day....was what I kept telling myself. The ride was good. I fueled well I guess. I always get sick of perpetuem at about mile 80, and just want water water water...don't know why. Me, Ernest, and Alexia stayed together and we had a total ride time of just under 6hrs 30mins. I was pleased with that. I THINK our route was harder than CDA and we had some gnarly wind that picked up on the second loop (which we will not have at CDA b/c I specifically requested CDA to be sans wind). I would take a 6:30...prefer closer to 6, but HEY! you take what you can take. Now, onto the run. Weather was high 70s at this point, which is not hot...but since we've been stuck in the 60s it felt HOT!! And, all of our knowledge (the 3 of us being IM CDA will be our first IM) we knew the first 6 miles are supposed to be: easy, not breathing hard, could hold a conversation. Alexia and Ernest are faster runners than I am so I told them to go....but not before yelling that by the end of the parking lot I was already breathing hard! Joke it was...but it ended up not being a joke. I swear my HR was 190+. My stomach was cramping up. I've never had stomach issues and reading peoples IM RR I know GI issues can seriously ruin your race. Great. About 1 mile in I stopped and used a bathroom...at a senior center, I'm sure I did not look out of place in my tri kit, hat, water bottle, sweaty and salty etc. ;) That helped a bit. But I was really discouraged the first 3 miles. They were hell. It was the first time I questioned my "enjoyment" and "fitness level" for the IM. I had to walk twice...b/c I knew my HR shouldn't be that high. It did get better the last 3 miles, but I was still hurting. When I got back to the parking lot I was happy to hear that Ernest and Alexia were hurting too, though ran the whole thing b/c they are studs. All in all, I think it was a very beneficial day. I gained a lot of knowledge. I'm thinking I might throw in more solid foods on the bike so my stomach isn't only digesting sugary gels etc. And who else thinks endurolytes taste like piss?! I think it reflected a IM race experience closely. Which was good to face challenges of no garmin, walking, cramping, etc - all which could easily happen come race day. I think I might need to throw in another one of these before I taper, or maybe a little shorter.

I was FRIED the rest of Saturday (and sunburnt). Nathan (hubby) was gone for the day celebrating a buddys birthday. I took an ice bath, a real shower, ate 3-4 pieces of pizza, stretched a ton, and was asleep by 8pm. Alexia backed out of running 22 miles on Sunday, b/c she was fried (obviously) and had some blisters. I optimistically was going to be a disciplined athlete and do my 22 in the morning. But I wanted to make it to church (11am), b/c I haven't been the last 2 Sundays and won't be able to go the next 2 b/c of work. In order to make it to church by 11am I needed to start my run at 6am. I set me alarm.....

Heres Alexia and Ernest on loop #2 of our ride...

- Alarm goes off at 5:15am.... I did think about it and debate in my head whether I could (or should) run the 22mi. I had gone to bed at 8pm and was still tired. I always rationalize that I am now only an athlete b/c I WANT to be. I don't have a scholarship that I have to keep a certain level of performance to maintain. I don't have a coach that will yell at me if I skip or change something. So, simply... if I don't want to do something I don't. Keeps me loving what I'm doing. So, I slept. BUT - I still really wanted to run 22 today in the afternoon. On the fatigued legs...probably to show the 6 miles from Saturday that I can handle a run. It was going to be a hot day, which I figured might happen in CDA too. Well, we had plans to help my sister-in-law move at 7pm; however, she ended up being ahead of schedule and needed help at 3pm. There goes my long run in the heat. (of course slightly bummed...and slightly not). Instead I baked chocolate chip cookies to bring to the move. ;)

- NO MORE EXCUSES. I was supposed to coach TVM masters but got it covered so I didn't have to run at 3am. I started my 22mi at 6:30am. I was solo, so I brought my ipod for company. I definitely still felt fatigued, but way better than Sunday so I was happy. Took me awhile to warm up, and get into a groove. Weather was perfect. And I was feeling good. It was 2x11mi loops, starting from my house so I could stop halfway and refuel. When I came to my house halfway I used the bathroom, refilled my hand bottle, and looked at Nathan and Tank cuddling on the bed (they're so cute). I did first 11 mi at 8:56 avg. Fabulous. But I knew the second loop would be hard. And it was. I believe I hit "The Wall" at about mile 19. I was hurting, it sucked. But I kept pushing. I finished and had a 8:57 avg on loop two. Fabulous. But boy oh boy did it hurt, and I used EVERYTHING I had...not to necessarily finish but to maintain the pace. I think I took it out too fast. BUT I DID IT!! :) Longest run DONE! I headed up to my parents pool to have an ice bath (its freezing). We had people coming over to my parents (who have an awesome house and are out of town for 1 month) to have a bbq. It was a great day of eating, relaxing, eating, socializing with family and friends, and eating.

Heres me "ice bathing" in my parents pool...pretty nice place to start recovering huh?

Tuesday - I am sore. Ouch. Stretching and floating (I mean, "swimming") on the schedule for training today.



  1. Plan for the worst, hope for the best! Your thought about being an athlete by choice is RIGHT ON, stay strong and keep having fun with your training!


  2. Great job on getting that 22 mile run donw. WOW! All alone too? You are incredible.

    Where the heck do your parents live? Damn girl - that's a great pool with a beautiful view.

    Less than 4 weeks now? Yikes! ;)

  3. Your bad t-run may have been because you stopped the Perpetuem and drank only water after mile 80? Maybe? Something to contemplate. Also, you can't override the bike, or it will SUCK SUCK SUCK during the IM run.
    It will suck anyway, I think...it is a marathon after 112 on the bike! but you have done the work. You have done everything you could possibly do to prepare for this puppy! We are close!

  4. daaaaaaamn. youre going to be more than ready. and stinky.