Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting closer...

An interesting week of training. Honestly, it doesn't feel like that great of a week of training, but I'm trying to put things into perspective, stay positive, and not stress too much.

Monday - I had my 22 mile run to finish off a GREAT epic weekend and Memorial Day.

Tuesday - Obviously I was fried. I stretched and went to TVM to swim as recovery. Holy crap I couldn't move. Totally fine with that and got in 2500 yds.

Now, let me digress...and analyze the situation. I remember after I ran 20miles it took a lot out of me for the next week of training. So, I will accept that I most likely need more than 1 day to recover from 22 miles. I think what really threw me off though....was doing the long run on a MONDAY instead of SUNDAY. B/c now by Wednesday, I feel like week is gone and haven't logged enough training.

Wednesday - "HOLY CRAP ITS ALREADY WEDNESDAY AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN ON MY BIKE!!" I can't remember why I couldn't ride outside, but for some odd reason I did a trainer ride. I swam with TVM and it was a much better workout for me.

- STRESS CITY! I had an OB-GYN appointment in the morning. I find out WEDNESDAY NIGHT that Nathans cousins grandma (not blood) had died and the memorial was Thursday morning and the family needed help doing the mundane tasks so they could BE (emotionally etc) at the memorial. Not that I don't love helping family out...but it felt last minute. So, I headed from my OB appt straight to the memorial. It was a beautiful memorial and my family (in law) I know were so appreciative of the help. I had 1 hr at home before I had to go to work...I walked the dog, b/c poor guy had been neglected. I coached in the evening and then today just HAPPENED to be our first night of a new class me and Nathan are taking. We are taking a financial class from Dave Ramsey, held at a local church. Dave Ramsey is Nathan's HERO...we listen to his radio show like everyday (well, Nathan definitely does) and we have all his books. We are taking this class with Nathan's sister and boyfriend (eventually husband) - and I think it will be a great way to bond with them and change the family tree's use of money. A GREAT class....but its first night was at the end of a long day with NO TRAINING, so I was stressed about that. We didn't get home until after 9pm, and there was no way I could force myself to sit on the trainer.

Friday - I did a brick, and had my T-Run up in The Ridge (trail running) with Tank. I've felt like he hadn't been out with me in a long time, and trails is the only thing he can keep up on. Well, Mr. Excited Doggy went out too fast, running/sprinting everywhere...I'm sure drinking nasty stream water and sticking his snot in cow poo and by the time we got to the top he PUKED up his breakfast. Poor Tank. It was kindof funny though. I made it to swimming at 11:30am for a 4000yd practice. My bff Holly came into town Friday night to crash at our place before heading to a wedding Saturday morning. We had a great dinner and stayed up too late talking.

- The swim team that I coach for (LAC) was having a Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser Saturday morning. The weather was predicted to be HOT! It ended up being about 87 degrees. The fundraiser was good...schmoozing with parents, betting kids with licorice to do a 500 fly, bbqing and eating with everyone after. I get home in the afternoon and take a nap. I really wanted to get in a run...but was debating how hot it was. I couldn't go out late at night, b/c we were hosting a party for Bryce (who had just passed/completed some big test in his career) at 8pm. I ended up going out at 5pm and was planning on running 8-9miles. Well, it was still 85 degrees and I was dying. I made it 6miles. Not too happy.

Sunday - Well, this is as multi-tasking in the aquatics world I can be. The masters team I swim for (and am on the board of directors for, TVM) was hosting the US Masters National Open Water Championships at Lake Del Valle. This has been a big event with MANY months of planning. I was volunteering for course set-up, greeter/crowd control, and whatever else needed to be done... I was volunteer, teammate, board member. The USA club team I coach for (LAC) was also bringing our kids out to swim the youth division of open water... I was coach and cheerleader. And, I also was planning on swimming both races today (.75 mi and 1.5mi)... I was athlete. Everything was GREAT. I was running around like a crazy person most of the day, but it was all fun. I barely had enough time to register, and didn't have any check or cash with me to pay....good thing I'm on the board and can take an IOU! Now, the cool thing is, is that I could've wore my cheater suit that is no longer allowed in pool competition. But I didn't.....for a couple of reasons. #1) I did not have TIME to squeeze into it. #2) I did not plan on RACING the events super it was more to protect my self esteem from peoples expectations of a person in a fast suit. So, I wore a practice suit....a very big, old, baggy, good tan line practice, it would match my attitude. I swam both races.....and that was about it...I SWAM them, like I will for the IM (.75miles + 1.5miles = 2.5miles = Lisa's good estimate of what an IM time can be with addition of wetsuit, kicking, and about 1 million more people).

0.75 mile race....
in 2008 - 17:29
in 2009 - 17:05
in 2010 - 18:06

1.5 mile race....
in 2008 - 34:39
in 2009 - 35:09
in 2010 - 36:36

Oh, getting older and getting slower. I am (partially) ok with it. Of course its kindof depressing to look at those numbers. But I refuse to give myself anxiety about performing to a certain level....b/c of the years of youth sports and self worth wrapped up in performing. But, a good observation about my current situation.... since our SCY Champs in April I haven't been really "training" in the pool. I've been putting in my time there, but most just to maintain and a lot to use the pool as recovery from other biking and running workouts. My reasoning is that, I will lose a couple minutes in my swim for the IM, but if I can gain 10s of minutes on the bike or run, its worth is. My times added: 18+36=54 is WAY under my goal time for IM CDA - so IM HAPPY! Add on a wetsuit, take away .1 of a mile, and even with beatings and choppy water I'm still confident that I can get my goal IM swim.

Felt like a weird week. Had its ups and downs. But not enough biking. A couple more days until TAPER!! :)

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