Friday, June 18, 2010

makin the lists and checkin 'em twice....

Alright...what a CRAZY week!!!

I've started coaching a summer league swim team. This requires more of my time, more of my patience, more sunscreen, more schmoozing with parents (some awesome of course), and more energy. Its a different type of coaching, and I was SO not ready for any of it this first week. Its taken me awhile to get into the swing of things, and be able to survive the whole day. There is definitely something secretive going around the two teams I work with. There's been more parents coming up to me, "Oh! I didn't know you were doing an Ironman....." So, everyone is excited for me, I'm getting a ton of support, and will appreciate my surprise card or whatever. ;) All the coaching, sun, some training, and long days has left me drained - I am very lucky to have a husband that has made dinner almost every night this week (plus picking up the slack in other ways).

Good thing I'm on taper, b/c I'm having to SNEAK in workouts. I have a 1 hr break on some of the days in the morning. I got in a 4.5mi run 1 day and I got in a 2500 swim another day during this 1 hr break. I have a 3 hr break in the middle of the day (hot hot hot). I got in a good ride, a good swim, and a good brick. One of the moms on the summer league team is training for a 4 mile open water swim in San Diego, CA in a couple of weeks, and has now worked up to 7-8,000 yds in a practice. OMG - I haven't done that since college...and NO WAY am I doing that now. But I did join her for her second half of her workout, so she didn't have to train alone (who likes that!?). I'm very excited for her race, and to help her out.

Tank has loved the taper. I came home one afternoon and took a nap...he willingly napped with me. :)

I love taper. Most of the time (aka competitive swimming days) during taper, I would be filled with confidence. Confidence b/c I knew that I trained my TOOCUS off during the season and I had done all I could. Now, being a retired athlete and being my own coach I of course I know there was MUCH more I COULD have done. But I know that I HAVE done enough to finish, and finish well enough (for me). So, I rest in that confidence and the fun that taper is.

I have made my checklists. I have made my weeks schedule so I don't get (more) stressed out. There are still some more things I need to do, and it will get done...laundry, packing, transition bags, clean up bike, bring Tank to family, get car and bike rack etc etc etc

What is interesting about this goals seem to be held in open hands. I definitely have my same goals (all stars aligned goals vs. worst case scenario goals vs. average day goals etc), but as we get closer and I'm realizing that my ultimate goal is to finish and have fun. And that is actually SATISFYING. That brings me more confidence in my growth as an athlete, that I'm past the outcome/performance orientated focus! Now, that doesn't mean that I'm still not going to be aggressive and competitive (and will focus on not blowing up on the bike), but I'm willing to let go of a bit for the ultimate goal of FUN AND FINISHING! :)

Here we go...almost 1 week!


  1. wow 1 week.... time sure goes by. im pumped for you. (and i still hate you)

  2. OMG, I'm so excited for you to do this race. I remember when you took me for the bike ride in the vineyards and then you and Izzie had to do a 3 MILE run off the bike. And later on you wrote about doing hill repeats on "5-second hill". Now look what you are ready for!

    Your training is over now. Your reward is next week. ;)

  3. yahoo!!!!!!! I'm so freakin excited for you. seriously. you are going to rock it and CDA is so beautiful. Can't wait to cheer you on by computer!!! enjoy this last taper week and GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. We are going to have a great race!!!

  5. You are right on coach/athlete! Trust yourself and have fun while you're competing! I'm rooting for you big time :)