Friday, May 28, 2010

getting ready for the EPIC WEEKEND....

Random thoughts from the week....

After I almost vomited at track Tuesday morning I had a hard swim set at TVM. The set was 4x(1x50 + 1x100 + 1x150 + 1x200) with 2 rounds on :40 base, 1 min break half way, and 2 rounds on :35. Oh crap....after a great track workout 4 hrs ago?? Well, lets see what we got! I was already in the "guppy lane" (this half lane sized section at the end of the pool, made for water displacement but easily fits 1 swimmer with no line on bottom of pool) b/c there were enough guys in lane 1 and this way if I needed to crap out, I could! :) The 2 @ :40 was good. I was feeling my fatigued legs but I was holding water well. Onto the :35.....well, I made it till the 150, flipped the turn and knew I wouldn't be able to come back a 2:15 and immediately go into a 50 on sub :35. So, I stopped after the 200, rested :15 and did round 4 @ :37.5 base. This was totally doable, and much more felt "success" than "failing" at the :35. I do this with my athletes too... give them sets where I know they will "fail" - to see them push their limits, mentally handle "failing", and see them push past the point of "failing" to finish. But, I know I can't do those types of sets very often, they (typically) crush my adolescents spirit....they also need the sets where they can feel "success" at the point of "almost failing." Sorry, coach in me coming out.

And, just in case you hadn't heard...I must have moved to Oregon...or Washington. At least I thought so b/c the next 2 days had rain. Yes. Still rain in California in LATE May. So, I had some quality time with the trainer the next 2 days. At least, Tank (my dog) was happy to have me around more.

This week I have basically been waiting for the weekend to start. Not b/c of my boring 9-5 job and I only live for the weekends. But b/c this weekend will be EPIC!! Full of EPIC training. It is also great b/c our swim team is taking a break - I do not have to coach today (Friday) or Monday!

So, on the menu for the epic weekend:

Friday - I'm coaching TVM Masters this afternoon. I am planning to run there and home, if my foot can handle it. I'm pretty sure I've strained me plantar fascia ligament, so I may stay off of it today to save it for the weekend. At 5:30pm I am meeting Alexia (a FMRC IM CDA'r) at a local "lake" b/c on her schedule she needs to get in a 2.4mile swim. So, I said I'd accompany her. I'm happy to get more wetsuit time.

Saturday - IM CDA'rs Izzie, Alexia, Ernest, and myself are doing race rehearsal of 112 mile bike + 6 mile run. We're doing a 2 loop bike'll only be 110-111....I know, cheaters - I'm ok with it. ;) I'm very excited!!

Sunday - BQ Alexia said..."Yes, lets do our last long run (22mi) on Sunday, on fatigued legs." Alright, I guess that makes sense. We will definitely be worked from Saturday, but as long as we're healthy I'm ready for the challenge. We have 2 options for our run...a 22 mile loop or 2x11 mile.

Monday - I am coaching a masters workout. And besides that 1.5hrs of standing and focusing...I plan on doing nothing. We're having some friends over to BBQ. I will enjoy sitting, bbqing, a beer, and most likely bringing my foam roller to the party and rolling. ;)


  1. Ooooh boy - that's a lot of exercise in two days! Have a good time. I'm anxious to hear how it all goes.
    Enjoy the rest on Monday too. ;)
    P.S. I like the new header. LOL

  2. I think I'm exhausted from reading this, holy crap, hope it all works out as planned - 'specially the friends and bbq part.