Friday, May 14, 2010

took a lot out of me...

the 20 mile run on Sunday did, that is.

Monday was a scheduled recovery day. I did get in to swim, just because its the easiest way for me to recover. I felt pretty good in the water, hopeful that I was in peak condition and could be back training hard on Tuesday.

Tuesday me and Izzie went for a ride. Just a foundation ride up to the top of Patterson Pass, which is some rollers and then just 1 big climb. When we started I was DYING on the rollers, told Izzie she was more than welcome to drop me....she however was KIND enough to stay with me, and behind me. :) I did feel better by the end of the ride, I guess I just had to spin the 20 miles out of my legs. And then I got to TVM Masters at 11:30am. After floating through warmup and feeling not TOO bad we got the main set of 12x150....alternate 2x150 @ 2:00 and 2x150 @ 1:45. OMG. This is a great set - if you are mentally and physically ready...which I was not (I still blame my two piece - I think I'm done wearing it and having a tanned stomach but sh*tty practices). I'm throwing the guys in my lane off their normal routine too...b/c this is a set that I would normally take the lead, but today I knew I could not. So, my set was 2x150 @ 2:00 which normally is easy, but I literally STRUGGLE to get 5 seconds rest and then

So, I guess I'm not fully recovered. Well, I consider myself to have become somewhat enlightened as an athlete over the years and respectful of how VALUABLE recovery and rest is. But COME ON've got an IRONMAN in 7 weeks! GET TO WORK. I got to the gym on Wednesday to do a "track" workout (b/c I skipped it for a ride with Izzie). Oh boy. 7 weeks. Come on...only 7 weeks. Embrace the pain. I felt really weak on the treadmill. The workout was 2x1mi @ 10k pace + 2x800 @ 5k pace + 2x400 @ all out. I did the 2x1mi like a good disciplined athlete, negative split, in the zone. The 2x800 were....miserable and dying. The 2x400 was.....skipped. I warmed down and got off. I went and lifted weights...b/c my body obviously wasn't doing its recovery job well enough I needed to give it more muscle fiber breakdowns to repair. (my abs and pecs are still sore) But in my enlightened athlete mind....KNOWING how hard that workout was (and really shouldn't have been) I did NOT swim, I ran errands and folded laundry instead (pat on the back for listening to my body).

Now, BODY, you listen to me. I haven't given you a hard week, nothing has even been long, I'm only asking for good work on a few things. Speed and hills. Thursday morning is long hill repeats! Since I was going solo I wanted about an 8 min hill that was close to my house. I head down to the Dublin Grade and figure this would be good enough. Its a slight incline, but sustained. However, when pushing it the hill is gradual enough that I can stay aero. I did it 3 times (each time got faster...but no longer 8 mins...maybe the point?) and then figured this isn't hard enough.... Well, luckily for me right off this road was another climb that I've actually never had done, b/c #1) it doesn't really lead you anywhere except to some housing developments and #2) its has to be a 14% grade or something. Ok Body, time to show me you are boss...lets take it on. So, we did! It is hard...granny gear and alternating between standing and sitting. But it is shorter...only took 3 mins (of max hr) ahah. I did it 4 times...and figured with the 3 long climbs that 7 hill repeats were good enough (plus I wanted to still allow my body to "recover") and went home. Being your own coach sometimes is nice. The coach in me allowed me to skip TVM AGAIN, but said that I MUST go to work early and swim (easy at least). I listened and went and swam 3,000yds on my own. I did it without stopping, b/c I knew that if I stopped to check the clock, fix my goggles, think about a set to do....then most likely my "workout" would be over. An easy 3k, but I stayed connected with the water (which is ultimate goal...I don't think it lost me any time for my IM).

On the menu for today/Friday......a run and a swim. The run will have some tempo in it (not a long one) and the swim will be required to complete the practice given at masters. ;) Oh, and we have my bff's dog staying with on the menu is also a hike up the ridge to tire the 2 puppy doggies OUT!

Now, you ask "Lisa, why are you so worried about being recovered?" For 2 reasons mostly: #1) I expect my body to bounce back quickly (and really, I think it did, I'm happy with how it has recovered from the longest run in my life) #2) Because tomorrow (Saturday) we are riding a DOUBLE CENTURY. This is not my first fact I did this exact double in 2007...on a total of 60 miles of 105 degree heat and 120 degree off the pavement. Needless to say, it was not the best experience. This year, I'm doing it with a bunch of IM's and Triple Crown studs, I have SLIGHTLY more miles of training under my belt, and the predicted weather puts max temp at 85 degrees. But, riding with the studs..several people have been contemplating riding straight, riding hard, riding, I want to be recovered not only to handle the 200 miles, but if I need to be able to ride it "strong" or "straight".

Here is a picture of my jersey after the first time doing the Davis Double...lets hope my jersey looks cleaner this year!!



  1. way to listen to your body girl!! there is no freakin way I could do that swim set anymore, you are still so strong in the water. Good luck on the double century! holy crap. that will definitely prepare you for CDA! I'm excited for you, only 7 short weeks to go!!!! you are going to kill it with all that awesome training!

  2. You're giving up the two-piece, eh?
    Your body is very good to you. I am amazed at everything you do.
    I hope your ride went well today. Looking forwrd to hearing about it. ;)

  3. Dear God almighty! A DOUBLE century???? AH! That's amazing and nuts!
    I wonder if you will have the fastest amateur swim split of the day at CDA. I actually wonder how many (if not all) of the pros you will beat. That will be fun to find out.

  4. haha...thanks for the compliment. buuut checking the results from last year i will definitely NOT be first amateur. top swimmer last year went 48 (mpro) ...which is pretty gnarly. but i will use the idea of beating some of the (no body fat aka no buoyancy and nonswimmer) pros to feel good about myself! ;)