Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I just about vomited...

on the last interval at track this morning.

I've talked about FoMo track before. These guys are cheetahs....like for reals. But I like to go and watch the beautiful cheetahs do their stuff in hopes of catching some beta. (Now the word "beta" (pronounced BAY - TA) is actually a rock climbing lingo word....to BETA means to copy anothers awesome moves. As in, "I can't climb this freaking rock, I don't know where to put my hands and feet. You climb it so I can use your beta.") I've been getting faster, which is exciting. And I am now not the SLOWEST person at track Tuesday mornings....I am the SECOND slowest person. ;)

Todays workout was 6x800 @ 5k pace with the last 800 being your fastest/all out. Wow...here comes the distance swimmer running 6x at a "sprint" pace (5k is pretty much a "sprint" in the running world right? there are no track events of 100's and 400's right?) I ran with Iliana and Rob - and we set a good pace throughout. Took the first one too fast, not a big surprise since I don't exactly know the "feel" of a 5k pace.

1 @ 3:29
2 @ 3:39
3 @ 3:36
4 @ 3:33
5 @ 3:32
6 (all out) @ 3:18 .... at the 400 I was looking for somewhere to PUKE!

I did not puke, I just was pushing hard enough to actually feel like I was going to. I think its a cool feeling - I used to get it in the pool from working so hard..... used to is the key phrase. All in all, I consider it a great workout.

Here is post cool-down....I am in the green shirt


  1. puking is the cool thing to do.

    and so is eating ice cream. currently doing that. ok, sorbet. i cant have ice cream.

  2. Looks like there are some fasties there in that pic...
    I have a love.hate relationship with that puke feeling... :)
    You are like an animal these days with your workouts!
    I'm very excited to have a new word. I will use it on my kids and see if I can get them to start saying it. hehe!